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Your people are your most important asset. You know it and so do we. Sage HR Management empowers your HR managers to achieve better efficiency and control over the cost of your workforce by automating processes such as payroll, hiring, onboarding and retaining talents.


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Set goals, review employee performance, and easily create your own company-specific appraisal documents.

Identify and improve skill-sets that gives your talent—and your company—the competitive advantage.

Maximize employee engagement by providing a place for employees to update their personal profiles and share their successes.

Accurately track the appraisal process and help employees and managers create a workflow for success.

Collaborate with employees and managers to assess potentials, identify training needs, and provide a clear path for growth.

Integrate tasks and reminders so you can spend less time keeping track of data and focus more on your people.

Gain compliance and visibility

Ensure compliance and provide real-time, secure HR data for your internal and external stakeholders, with document management, dashboards, self-service intelligence and reporting tools.

Sage HR Management helps your organisation become more responsive and make faster decisions.

  • Analyze data in your HR system, from any module or over any period
  • Access the key performance indicators you need to assess your company’s situation like workforce information, contracts, attendance, leave or compensation
  • Benefit from an extensive library of reports and build queries on demand

Engage your employees

With so many administrative tasks, it's a major challenge to find ways to engage and retain your employees. A recent global survey by Deloitte showed that executives rate retention and engagement as their number two priority, with 79% of companies indicating that they are experiencing shortages of critical skills in their labor force.

Attracting and retaining talented employees, mapping and subsequently developing their skills is crucial for mid- and enterprise-size organizations.

You can equip your employees with access to self-service HR tools, allowing them to interact with their data like leave balances or expenses claims.

With a self-service portal, managers benefit from a global vision of their team and can easily track employee requests, accelerating the exchange processes from payroll preparation to appraisals, performing reviews, and further HR processes in a more efficient way.

Mapping and assessing employees and teams, skills and competencies are essential to help you execute on your company’s business strategy. With Sage HR Management, you can assess, map and compare your workforce skills and assign dedicated training courses.

You can match strategy, budget and execution by supporting the development of your employees. You cannot take the risk of leaving things to chance. Sage HR Management helps you focus on your most important asset – your people.

It's all about employee retention

Companies that take a strategic approach to talent management see:


Lower Employee Turnover


The Revenue Per Employee


Higher Employee Engagement

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